About The Seven Standing Towers of Arca-Unskel

The seven standing towers of Arca-Unskel had been a welcome sight to travellers by sea and by land for the last thousand years. Bards had sung songs about them and even the elven folk had come to revere them as a symbol of justice and better things to come for the upstart race of mankind. A traveller could always make out the seven flames lighting the sky even when they were still days away when travelling by land or by sea. Legend had it that their creation was a decree set forth by the first legendary king of Irl-Moran, Galian the First. It is said that upon the founding of the kingdom a star fell from the sky and upon it were written the laws under which the kingdom would flourish and grow to encompass all of the land encircled by the great sea.

Galian accepted those words from the sky and went on to found a kingdom that eventually did encompass all of the land which lay surrounded by the two great oceans. The building of the standing towers commenced on the 42nd year of his reign and lasted twelve full years before they were completed. The tale goes that the finished towers were the last things Galian looked upon before he took in his last breath. The towers were hewn of the black stone of the Far Isles which was quarried and then carried by barge to their destination 500 leagues away. Each tower was capped with a cauldron of iron ore that was forged from the stone which fell from heaven. The ceremony to light the cauldrons on the seven towers involved a flame bore by each of the five races and then one each to represent the spirit of the land and the spirit of the sea.

The legend of the seven flames states that as long as the fires burn over the land of Irl-Moran justice and peace will flourish but when the last tower falls a darkness will sweep across the land and the time of troubles will have started anew.