The Tooth of the Oric (some say "horn") was said to have been forged a millennium ago in the mountains of Kazad-Gloam. The outer blade is a unique blend of metal, uknown to the realms. According to some, at the base of the blade is a magical dragon tooth which has been melded to the metal in a unique blend of chitin and metal. Considering the fact that most substances burn when in proximity to molten metal, it would require the tooth to be of some magical nature. Another legend states that the base is not a dragon tooth at all but a demon horn instead. This could serve to give credence to the rumors about malefic influences surrounding the blade.

The blade was first discovered by one, Mobrias the lesser, a mage of no small repute. He is said to have discovered the blade in the ruins of a citadel in Kazad-Gloam, during an expedition to recover a magical plant for a potion he sought to manufacture. Mobrias was of the opinion that the blade was forged by the dark dwarves that were said to have roamed deep underneath Khazad-Gloam. The curse gained credence shortly after the discovery of the blade when Mobrias was discovered dead in his tent with the blade lodged in his throat, an apparent suicide. Since that time the blade has passed on to legend.

~Henniphen the Wise